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Developer Documentation

Welcome to MASV developer documentation! Here you will find various resources to help you integrate MASV with your workflow and get the maximum out of the developer facilities MASV offers.

Depending on your type of integration and functionality, we introduced three different aspects to interact with MASV platform:

  • You can interact with MASV API directly to obtain information about your team, portals, packages and links via our REST API interface. Although you can initiate transfers in and out of MASV network by interacting directly with the API, we recommend that you use one of the methods below in order to minimize client-side development time to get transfers done reliably with maximum speed.
  • If you want to handle transfers (uploads/downloads) from the client-side reliably and fast, then you can use MASV Transfer Agent which is a cross-platform service that can run on all major platforms. Once installed and running, it can be controlled via simplified REST API which alleviates you from the burden of file transfer heavy-lifting.
  • For browser-based integration where you need to upload files from your own web app to MASV, our JavaScript Web Uploader is there to take care of all upload complexities reliably while giving you the flexibility of designing your own file picker and integration workflows.